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Just a Spark


“Now…a small spark of genius.”

Clarity, who had been assisting through this procedure, paused in surprise.  “Are you sure?  I’ve seen that spark turned towards evil.”

“Don’t worry, Clarity.  Wisdom knows who needs the spark.”  Logos followed Clarity to the shelf where the most precious spark was contained.  The jar danced in its own brilliance.  Carefully lifting the spark from the shelf, they returned to the counter where Wisdom carefully stirred the Essence.  Wisdom opened the lid and measured out the spark precisely.  Too much and the person would not fit in and too little, the spark may be snuffed out.

“What about knowledge?” Logos queried.

“This Essence will soak up knowledge as they encounter it.  The wisdom will help them discern what is useful and what to discard.  Now, I need some creativity.  Spark doesn’t work as efficiently without creativity.”

Clarity and Logos scurried off to the pantry.  Creativity liked to hide and was a bit mischievous.  Moving the containers about on the shelf, they read the labels one by one.  Several cans of inspiration were stacked in the corner.  Boxes of knowledge ready mix sat lined up.  Experience, the main ingredient for wisdom, filled jars on the lower shelf.  Then, nesting in the corner, sat the golden eggs of creativity.  Clarity and Logos each lifted one up with awe.  Returning to Wisdom, they each deposited an egg into her hand to be cracked and poured into the mixture.

With her expert hands, she wafted the scent of the Essence towards her and checked the mixture.  “It’s missing something…something special…something that will set it on fire.”

Pathos and Clarity cried in unison, “INSPIRATION!”  Turning, back to the pantry, they ran off to gather the cans.  Different flavors of inspiration sat upon the shelf and thus, they gathered one of each.  Practically skipping back to Wisdom, they excitedly showed her the harvest of choices.

“Hmmm…what shall we use for inspiration?  Music?  Paint?  The pen?”

“What about all three?  Would that be too much?”

“Well, the pen does work well with either music or paint.  Oh!  Allspiration!”  She opened the can carefully and poured the contents into the Essence.  “Take in the scent of this new Essence, Pathos, Clarity!”  Wisdom waved the steam into the direction of her assistants.

“Oh, that is delightful!”

“Who is going to get it?”

Wisdom considered her options.  “I need just the right parents who will not break the essence down with too much rigidity.  Those parents need access to an education that will not destroy the creativity.”

Logos considered this for a moment, “I’ve noticed that the countries where they test the young ones all of the time do not have time to nurture creativity.  Perhaps in a less developed country.”

“I agree,” responded Wisdom.  “Clarity, will you do the honors?”  Clarity looked through the options and selected an obscure country in the developing world.  Watching through the children being born, she saw a pair of parents with warm energy and vibrant personalities.  Reaching down, she poured the Essence into the newborn.  The little cherub smiled as she breathed in the Essence.   She couldn’t put it into words yet, but she knew she would change the world.


This was written in response to VisDare86.