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Mary Janes


She wondered through the house once more, like a record repeating itself on the phonograph, trapped in a loop of time.  She didn’t recall the last time she wondered through the room, exactly 28 days before.  An emptiness filled the house, as if forgotten, abandoned in time.

She saw him but not in time.  His darkness was pervasive and she screamed as she tried to run away, clear of the man.  She could not think, only react.  She ran, down the hall into her room.  It would be safe under her bed.  She jerked the door shut so she could lock it but he was too fast.  The door slammed open.  She backed into the shelf holding her tea set and it clattered to the floor.  The blow was swift.  She faded once more into the undiscovered bones under the window, her mary janes,  the only remains to identify her.


VisDare 102


Full Moon Rising


I have been quite busy of late relocating…summer vacation is a busy time of year, doing all of the things one puts off until break.  However, I have a little tidbit to share.  Pop on over to Daily Picspiration and read Full Moon Rising as well as other tasty bits from my fellow writers.  I’m sure you will find something to whet your appetite.