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Veridian awakened to reports of border skirmishes as the outlanders grew restless.  Commander Tarsus knew from experience what happened if these disputes were ignored.  It was why Veridian’s brother fell.  Pacifism only works so far.  The Dragon Lady differed from the Prince.  She would fight refusing to give up people to the slavery of the outer world.  Tarsus swore his fealty to her because she stood in the gap between the weak and weary.

“Tarsus, what do you recommend?” she inquired as her eyes raked over the reports.

“An immediate response.  Our people have retreated inward.  Some have already been taken, my lady,” Tarsus returned.

“Pull the citizens inward and release the warhounds in between the outer walls.”

Tarsus nodded sharply.  It would be bloody but it would stop the encroachment.  He knew his mistress.  She was already formulating a plan to free the taken.  She left no one behind.

(150 words)  (Photo Source)  Written in response to VisDare 150.


Human76 News

Human76 News

Human 76: Fragments of a Fractured World continues to make itself known with two award nominations and now (finally) a presence in the Kindle market.  Up for both the Anthology and Dystopia awards for this year’s Summer Indie Book Awards, voting will open in September.  If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you will find all of the links below.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback

Barnes & Noble Nook and Paperback

Lulu Paperback

Lulu eBook


Back in June as we entered the initial release phase, Michael Wombat released an article full of Human 76 links where some of us authors gathered together bits and pieces of our story to share with you.  Indeed, the initial story of how Human76 came together is a tale to be told.  Since then, several others have written reviews and other lovely bits and pieces linked below.  So dig through our history, vote for us in September, and definitely buy the book.  (Proceeds goes to Water is Life.)




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Mr. Manz plans to work through each individual story with his reviews.  So please keep checking back on his page.

Please continue to add links in the comments.  I know I missed quite a few.



Seeping past the influence of life’s journey,
she dove deep,
losing herself into the drag of society,

Sliding beneath the surface,
she dove deep,
disappearing within moments,

Kicking out past the shallow echoes,
she dove deep,
not looking back as she reached forward,

Pushing beyond expectations of others,
she dove deep,
grabbing hold of her own dreams,

(61 Words)

(Written in response to VisDare 149 challenge)

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