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Thank you…for Lifeline

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[Image is cropped from a screen shot of the original Yuri!!! on Ice series, episode 7]
I want to say thank you to all of the people who contributed to my research for “Lifeline“. It has given a realness to my story that I would not have accomplished so well on my own. Whether it’s the psychology or talking to me about dance or suggesting songs and I’m sure there are a number of other contributing aspects, I greatly appreciate it.
I’m two chapters away from closing out “Detroit”, the first part of the story. They are written and one of those chapters is edited. It is a story about anxiety, PTSD, and rape recovery. Because of that, it is a mature fiction. Trigger warnings for rape (not graphic…I refuse to glorify rape), mentions of rape, and mentions of suicide.
There are also wonderful moments of enjoyment and happiness.  I believe there needs to be a healthy balance between fluff and angst in a story.

Book Review: Speak



Speak begins at a party.  Speak wraps around a time when we transition from Junior High to High School.  Speak is a story of a girl who lost her voice due to an unspeakable act.  Speak is her journey to find her voice again, to heal, to refusing to be a victim.

Laurie Halsie Anderson writes a compelling story that doesn’t shuffle away from the negative reactions and poor decisions of friends and family.  This story has been out some time but I continue to recommend it to anyone who likes to read a story that is real, a story that one can sink their fingers into, a story where one can feel the emotions of the main character.

And if you are not a reader, Speak is also a movie, well done, closely written to the novel.

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