Dandelions…full of wishes.  Stories tickling the imagination.  Uncontainable.

That’s right, uncontainable.

So to share some of the other places where you might find seeds that I’ve planted, I’m adding the links here.  Enjoy…and please visit the other authors as you explore.

Archive of Our Own

I have begun writing fan fiction on a beloved anime “Yuri! on Ice”.  This anime is a love story between two men who find their love language on the ice.  It is well done and presents a healthy homosexual relationship.  The fandom exploded when it came out and the AO3 fan fiction crossed the 10k mark some time ago.  I recommend you watch the anime (12 episodes and a complete season is available to watch on both Crunchyroll (subbed) and Funimation (dubbed)).  I have one complete short fiction on AO3 based on this story and three works in progress so far.

  • Lifeline is a story about Yuuri who is raped.  It doesn’t go into graphic detail about the rape but instead focuses on the aftercare and discusses issues that are lacking to male rape survivors.
  • Semicolon is a story about Victor who struggles with depression and suicidal tendencies.
  • Lost and Found is a story about Victor who has lost his last shred of self and Yuuri who has found a sliver of something hidden from the world.
  • Shattered Heart was my first fanfic and is completed.  It is a short story about a car accident and involves a major character death.

Daily Picspiration