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Rya spotted Ink on the beam that connected two tall gate posts.  Calling Ink down only seemed to agitate him further.  Glancing about, she cursed a rather unladylike response to his lack of cooperation.  She hated to waste magic.  The new regulations limited them to a certain amount each month.

She began to muse through the problem under her breath.  “If I knock you off, it could stun you or you might get hurt.  I’m a lousy catcher.  I’m not old enough for a broom or I’d just fly up and let you step onto the straw.  I can use my magic to float up but that’s  a lot of waste.”  She studied him perched nervously willing another solution to come to light.

“Grrrr!  I guess we’ll just have to waste a bit.  I’d hate for you to fall and become a little Inkblot!”  Taking the wand out of her pocket, she telescoped it out.  “I do so love this collapsible pocket model.”  Glancing around once more to make sure she wasn’t being watched, she swirled the wand around her feet.  The simple incantation created a cloud that slowly lifted her up to the beam.  Once level, she held her arms out for balance as she stepped gingerly toward the cat.  “Familiars!” she muttered under her breath as she scooped the cat up in her arms only to promptly lose her balance.

Claws dug into her shoulder as she teetered over the edge, biting her lip in concentration, she grasped her wand once more and threw out a spell in panic.  The cloud of magic captured them and eased them to the ground.

“That wasted nearly a month’s worth!” she complained to the cat.  Ink responded with purring as he lovingly bumped his nose against her shoulder.  “I suppose you are worth it but don’t get yoruself in trouble the rest of the month.  I have no magic to spare.”




I was aware of her watchful stare long before I spotted her.  The changeling could mimic any live creature.  I peered suspiciously at the scorpion creeping across the porch boards.  As it disappeared between the cracks, I turned around, eyes digging into the crevices.  I could feel the laughter in the air.  Then she blinked.  Just beyond the old screen, two cat eyes watched me with amusement.  Her grace was depicted well in the feline movements as she stepped out of vent.  Stretching her legs up my legs, I watched in amazement at her slow transformation.  The black fur that enveloped her became the raven hair that would crown her ivory skin.  A vixen smile lit upon her lips.

“Welcome, Godfrey,” she greeted, winking one long lashed eye.

I lost my voice, realizing the origins of the expression “Cat got your tongue.”  She smiled slowly, leading me to the door.


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