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Mary Janes


She wondered through the house once more, like a record repeating itself on the phonograph, trapped in a loop of time.  She didn’t recall the last time she wondered through the room, exactly 28 days before.  An emptiness filled the house, as if forgotten, abandoned in time.

She saw him but not in time.  His darkness was pervasive and she screamed as she tried to run away, clear of the man.  She could not think, only react.  She ran, down the hall into her room.  It would be safe under her bed.  She jerked the door shut so she could lock it but he was too fast.  The door slammed open.  She backed into the shelf holding her tea set and it clattered to the floor.  The blow was swift.  She faded once more into the undiscovered bones under the window, her mary janes,  the only remains to identify her.


VisDare 102


Grim Undertaking


They grimly looked upon their list. Gathering souls normally was a joyful event. However, tonight the troop of death angels knew it was time to visit the children’s hospital. They considered their approach. Sometimes their form was frightening to children. “We could dress like grandparents,” suggested Mac. Mac’s generous grey hair would lend well to the task. Still, they decided something else was in order. Tonight, they would dawn the bright colors and makeup of clowns. Dressed and ready, they opened the door that would cross into the human dimension. Soon, the troop of clownish grims found themselves walking down the gleaming polished floor of the children’s hospital. The surgical wing led them to their first soul. They gathered around him and shared giggles and laughs. As the surgeons approached, he grew serious. “I’m not waking up, am I?” Mac grinned, “Of course you are…and you get to see Him.” The boy smiled as the gas overtook him.

This short piece of flash fiction is submitted to Flash! Friday with the inspiration of the following picture.Circus Clowns visit sick boy

“Circus clowns visit sick boy” from the Boston Public Library.

The loss of an unborn child…



Many women go through this.  However, it often seems that the world does not understand.  They even want to strip away the humanity of that child in court.  Still, when a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes intimately involved with another human being in a unique way.  I know some make a choice to terminate that relationship.  This post is not about that choice.  I will not discuss the right and wrong with regard to that matter.  What I want to say is that for those who continue forward in this relationship, dreams start to form, plans begin to be made, and the heart gets tied into the matter.  Therefore, when that child is lost before she even gets to hear that cry, it leaves an emptiness.  It is my prayer that these women find solace, comfort, and support wherever they face their pain.

I wrote this poem for such a woman…and she faced her pain with grace and beauty.  This is very fitting as the little girl was to be named Grace.


“Mourning Dove” by Denise Callaway


A small bit of grace escaped heaven one day

But could only for a moment stay

To pull us together with strings of love

And let us have a glimpse of what is above


She danced in our hearts and dreams

A moment within the glance of moon beams

“Much loved” would be her name

Sadly still, her life’s flame


Angels lifted her to grace once more

Her moment spent, she will now soar

Held within the arms of love

We release our mourning dove



Written in memory of Aimee Grace

On the day of her birth and passing