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Book Review: Speak



Speak begins at a party.  Speak wraps around a time when we transition from Junior High to High School.  Speak is a story of a girl who lost her voice due to an unspeakable act.  Speak is her journey to find her voice again, to heal, to refusing to be a victim.

Laurie Halsie Anderson writes a compelling story that doesn’t shuffle away from the negative reactions and poor decisions of friends and family.  This story has been out some time but I continue to recommend it to anyone who likes to read a story that is real, a story that one can sink their fingers into, a story where one can feel the emotions of the main character.

And if you are not a reader, Speak is also a movie, well done, closely written to the novel.

Daily Post Prompt: Heal



Sometimes I dwell in the dark places…

[Originally pressed on November 24, 2015 on Etchings]

Sometimes I dwell in the dark places
Those dark places that hide in the deep recesses of my soul
I can get lost in that darkness…
I can get trapped in those places
Wandering about…
Steps heavy…
Not realizing…
That to escape
     I must…
          Reach toward
             The light

Darkness can permeate
If I stay lost within
If I don’t turn away
From the shadows
The longer I am here
The harder it is to leave
I get trapped in these places…
Caught in the trap…
Needing to escape

     I must…