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A is for Abandoned



Avery put the parking brake on and stepped from her old car.  The car represented her well, with its well-worn handles and knobs, paint dulled and flecked down to the undercoat, tires that should probably be replaced.  She shook out the long, blue broomstick skirt, a great find at the 6th Street Salvation Army Outlet.  Staring down at the address scrawled across the page, she knew she had made it to the right place.

She took three steps towards the old building, when Allie popped through the old doors, large and impressive.  “Can you believe this building is abandoned?”  Her excitement lifted the lilt of her voice to a high pitch.  Avery smiled at her friend’s sense of adventure.

“It is pretty amazing.”  Quickening her step, she found herself inside the old fire station.  The massive lower level would have housed at least two engines back in its heyday.  Now, the garage sat empty and wide open.

“Can you see it yet?” Allie went on, lost in the dream.  “This would be the gallery.  We can set up a sandwich café in the center.”  Sweeping around the room, she darted around pointing out one zone or the next.  Avery had to admit that it was a great plan if they could find the backing.

“Oh, wait until you see the next level!”  The spiral staircase carried them upstairs.  “We can live and work up here!  There is enough room for a shared kitchen and living area, bedrooms, and studios.”  Avery carefully walked around the rubble to look into the different nooks and crannies.  The plumbing was old, she could see.  It would need some major rehabilitation.  Still, the dream…she could not abandon the dream.  It could happen.

 Abandoned Artists:  Studios and Gallery

 “I love it, Allie.”  The look of joy, unrestrained, reminded her of why they were best friends.