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E is for Evidence



Emerson arrived into Benning on a rainy Wednesday.  His mind was occupied as he walked from the bus stop to his destination.  As he looked up, he realized it was taped off by the police.  He had been out of town for several weeks but what could have happened to Beatrice?  He sternly looked about when his eyes rested on the Abandoned Artists.  Perhaps they could enlighten him on current events.

Avery and Allie were both found in the Gallery, now opened to the public.  Avery spotted him first.  “Why, Emerson!  It’s been awhile!  How have you been?”

The older gentleman’s dark velvety voice warmly greeted the young artists.  “Yes, it has.  I’m glad to see the art community is thriving.”

“Indeed,” chimed in Allie.  “We are so appreciative of investors such as you that made it possible.  We are starting a few community outreach projects, art lessons, and we even have had a couple of other local artists approach us about renting studio space.  It turns out the old fire station can hold much more than anticipated.”

Emerson nodded, appreciating the positive report.  “That’s wonderful.  I’m glad to hear of your success.”  His expression changed to one of concern.  “Now, can you tell me what is going on with Miss Bea?”

Allie and Avery exchanged looks.  “Well, her disappearance was noticed on Thursday.  However, nobody has seen her since around Monday.”

Avery jumped in, “Yes, I saw her ride off on her bike on Monday.  They found it at the bus stop.  Really, I think it’s all kind of dead ended right there.”

Emerson nodded, “Hmmm…well, Monday is the date on this letter I received from her.  Perhaps I should visit the police and see if we could figure this out.”

Emerson bowed his head towards the ladies and replaced his hat as he exited the room.  Pulling the letter out of his pocket, he knew the police would find the contents interesting…and perhaps equally bewildering.  “Bea, what have you gotten yourself into?” he said under his breath.


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