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G is for Gamble



Gretta gambled her last quarter for the night in the slots before grabbing her old fashioned beaded handbag and heading toward the door.  She looked like she blew in from a bygone era, the roaring 20s to be exact.  Her flapper dress and her hat with its feather, she would have fit in any speakeasy with ease.

In fact, it was speakeasy night at the casino and Gretta loved a good dress up event.  Jumping into the spirit of the night, she was rewarded for her enthusiasm with an extra $20 credit to gamble away the night.  Now it was time to pack it up.  As she approached the door, a gentleman in a zoot suit caught her eye.

“I see we have a similar eye for fashion, Betty.”

She looked him up and down and with a shrug, she answered, “It does seem to be a fact, Jack.”  He grinned and she was amused by his gold teeth.  He went all out.  “I don’t believe we have met.”  Curiosity outweighed her sense of caution.

“Most call me Gentry, though you are welcome to call me Jack.  Mind if I buy you a drink?”

Shrugging, she responded, “If you can get something other than bathtub gin.  Stuff will kill ya.”

He grinned as he waved over a waiter.  He quickly ordered a Brandy Alexander and a Gibson.  She raised her eyebrow, and responded, “I’ll take the brandy.  You can keep the gin.”

“Of course.  Now, why don’t you come over and be my lucky charm.”  They moved towards the table and he began his next hand.  As the drinks were served, she quickly finished hers off.  He was gambling big money and something seemed off.  Gretta quickly feigned a need to go to the little girl’s room.  Slipping away, she was out the door.

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