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D is for Divulge


If you are just joining me for this A to Z Challenge, make sure you drop back to A to get the full story.  I did not enter this intending to build an ongoing story.  However, sometimes these things happen like gossip in a small town.  Enjoy!  And stop back often, grab a cup of coffee at Debbie’s Diner and mosey on over to the Gallery.


Debbie dashed over to the counter with a hot cup of coffee for Officer Baker.  “So, how’s it going?”

Baker lifted one corner of his mouth and his eyebrow before replying, “About the same.”

“No news yet on Bea?”

“It really bugs me, too.  She just vanished.  The ads page was missing and I’ve combed through it a dozen times to try and figure out what was on her mind when she left.”

“I heard you found her bike near the bus stop.  Maybe she is visiting family or friends out of town.”

“If that was the case, she would have likely made arrangements for Beulah.”

“Not necessarily.  She may have set out enough food and put out some extra litter.”  Debbie turned away, wiping the counter thoughtfully.  “That would let her slip away without anyone needing to know.”

Watching her tell-tale movements, Baker asked her in earnest, “Debbie, do you know something?”

Sighing, she turned to face the officer.  “I do…but I don’t know if it is important.  And I’m afraid to divulge a secret between friends on a hunch.”

Lowering his voice, he stated, “I’ll keep it out of the report if it is significant, Debbie.  What do you know?”

Leaning in so that no one would hear, she answered, “When Bea and I were teenagers, she disappeared for a few months.  Her parents weren’t concerned.  Said she was helping her aunt while she recovered from an accident.  When she came back, she wasn’t herself for a while.  We had been good friends and one day I found her crying in an empty classroom.  I asked her what was wrong and she asked if I could keep a secret – and I have until now.  She told me that she wasn’t taking care of her aunt.  Actually, the opposite was true.  She had been pregnant.  She was forced to give the child up for adoption.  The young man she was dating at the time had been drafted.  I understand that he didn’t come home.  That’s why she never married.  I don’t think she ever got over him.”

The officer considered this new information.  He would have never suspected such a story about Beatrice Bevins.  This new piece of the puzzle may prove useful.  “Thanks, Debs!”  He drained his cup, dropped a peck on her cheek and a tip on the counter.  “You will always be my favorite!”

“Just protect that secret.  I hated divulging it…but I’m worried about Bea.”


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