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The jogger on the path stopped short at the chalk outline found on the park sidewalk.  No body.  No police tape.  However, a very distinct brownish red stain seemed to decorate the figure.  She glanced around, unnerved, and made a wide berth to continue her run back to civilization.  Once in the safety of crowds, she’d call the police to report her findings.

Across town, warehouse workers raised the doors to start the work day only to be greeted by a similar scene.  After some confused conversation, the manager made the call.  It wasn’t long before a pair of investigators came onto the scene.  The chalk outline turned out to be overspray from white paint.  The brownish red stain appeared near the head.  No body seemed to be present, although the warehouse was thoroughly checked.

More and more calls came to the station downtown.  Time and again, they investigated and found the same event had occurred.  The substance was confirmed to be blood.  The forensic lab confirmed that it was the same blood.  Were they moving the body from place to place?

Then came the social media.  It seemed everywhere with the hashtag #DeadIzRizing.  Theories were thrown about by the civilians.  Zombie apocalypse.  Alien abduction.  It seemed every conspiracy theorist had an idea.  The police, however, were stumped.  No body.  Where was the body?

The next town over, a blood donation center was missing a bag of blood.  They blamed a gang of teens who claimed to be vampires and called the police to report the loss.  The gang laughed and stated they would have taken more than one bag had they hit the blood bank.

An artist walked into his studio, a cardboard cutout of a human body under his arm.  He set the white spray paint can on his shelf and opened the dorm sized refrigerator to place a bottle of V8 juice.  Social media was abuzz with his art installation, along with newspapers.  The interpretations were wild.  He sat back in his chair in amusement and scrolled through the comments on the various social feeds.  #DeadIzRizing would be the first in a number of counterculture exhibits.

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Full Moon Rising


I have been quite busy of late relocating…summer vacation is a busy time of year, doing all of the things one puts off until break.  However, I have a little tidbit to share.  Pop on over to Daily Picspiration and read Full Moon Rising as well as other tasty bits from my fellow writers.  I’m sure you will find something to whet your appetite.