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Human 76 is on its way!

Human 76 is on its way!

Scheduled to release this Friday, June 17, 2016, soon you will all be able to enter in this amazing world that developed from a post-apocalyptic photo shoot.  Fourteen authors and two fabulous editors combine their talents to bring this world that centers around one character, Ghabrie, and her struggles to survive in a fractured world.

Human 76 Cover

Now for a sneak peak:

UNDERNEATH by Denise Callaway

“I will be glad when this project is complete,” responded Cievette dully.  The tunnel rats had a knack for thievery, stealing anything from food and clothing to power.  They only found independence in the deep spaces beneath the cities.  Over the years, they had learned to network with the rats of other cities, sharing skills, trading resources.  Cievette’s skill was one of those resources, holding her in a rare regard.  Her assignments were often dangerous and having Eisle to cover her had gotten her out of a tight spot or two.

Taking over at the code screen, Cievette studied what Eisle had managed to unravel.  “Not bad, Eisle…keep this up and they are going to start sending you out on your own.”

His quiet laugh rumbled as he settled in near the door.  Commander Harkins made it clear that Cievette and her safe return was his assignment.    He had only learned to rattle a bit of code to pass the time.  Besides, Cievette was a patient teacher, for all her complaints.  She glanced his way as his eyes closed, appearing to be asleep, though she knew he was alert on some level.  In fact, he was watching her through veiled lids as she dug through the code.  The projected image of the interface glittered around her fingers like jewels. Where his code barely scratched the surface, she would dig trenches through those seemingly impenetrable fields.   




The Crossing


Days of clarity had long since passed.  People had to be content with the fog and what lay hidden within the folds of the clouds.  Sometimes a subtle clearing revealed a bit more.  For now, Emil and Prin needed to cross the expanse of water and the bridge had long since collapsed.  But the clearing of the fog revealed another path.  It was risky but the cables had to be connected on the opposite end for it to hold the parabolic shape.

“We can clip to the cables like when we climb the old buildings,” Emil reassured her.  Prin rubbed her stomach protectively.

“Do you really think there is a hospital across the bay?”

“It was announced on the radio.”

Sighing, she took a deep breath.  She knew something was wrong and scavenging on this side was not meeting their needs.  Perhaps this would provide Hope a chance to live.