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Happy New Year!

Any New Year’s goals? I hate the idea of resolutions. They seemed doomed to fail from the start. However, goal setting can be done at any point. Good goal setting involves the following components:
1) Specific
2) Measurable
3) Attainable
4) Relevant
5) Time bound
They can be short term or long term. If you set long term goals, remember to eat that elephant one bite at a time. So break it down into smaller bite sized short term goals.
Visibility helps. I post my goals on a bulletin board in my house and review them regularly to keep on track.
I do admit that I will adjust them from time to time. Things do pop up and we have to be flexible. Prioritizing and reordering can help you in the process.
Depending on the goal, journaling or keeping another form of log will help keep you in motion. If I have a word count goal with my writing or a caloric goal in my food intake, I find a log keeps me on track. If I’m trying to track something more subjective such as looking for emotional triggers to my depression, I find journaling to be more useful. Find the right tools to help you meet the goal. And there is probably an app for that.
Good luck with your goals this year! Let it be productive and satisfying!