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The Beast’s Final Test


Beauty finally accepted Beast’s proposal.   The nuptials followed quickly for time was short.  As the ring sealed the deal, Beast’s eyes widened in horror.  The spell did not encapsulate him, did not free him from his prison.  Rather, it wrapped around the lovely woman who deigned to accept his hand.  Then he saw that the witch’s revenge was complete.  It began in her hands, the joints becoming twisted, brown spots covering the fair skin.  The spell quickly moved up her arms and down her legs, making her body bent and twisted.  Eyes dimmed by cataracts met his.  Parting thinned lips, a craggy voice asked, “Beast, do you still find me beautiful?”  He turned away, refusing to meet her eyes.  “How can I love a hag?”  The final test sealed his fate as the forest tightened its hold upon the mansion.  He would be sealed for eternity with his Beauty.

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