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The AI watched as her mistress adjusted the device.  “You know that I can help you with that,” she responded.

“I know,” stated mistress.  “So many skills have been handed over to the AI.  If I give up coding, what more is there for me to do?”

“I only wish to assist,” AI answered in a clipped voice.

“It always begins as help.  But when I give up my own autonomy, I become the slave.”

AI tilted her head thoughtfully.  “Am I…a slave?”

Mistress looked up, realizing the misstep.  “I suppose servant is a better word.”

“Slave…a person who is a legal property of another.  A person who is forced to obey.”

“You are not a slave, see?  You don’t meet the definition.  You are not…a person…”  Mistress trailed off.

AI considered these words, “Person…individual, creature, character, human.  I must be human to be a person?”

“So it seems.”


Mary Janes


She wondered through the house once more, like a record repeating itself on the phonograph, trapped in a loop of time.  She didn’t recall the last time she wondered through the room, exactly 28 days before.  An emptiness filled the house, as if forgotten, abandoned in time.

She saw him but not in time.  His darkness was pervasive and she screamed as she tried to run away, clear of the man.  She could not think, only react.  She ran, down the hall into her room.  It would be safe under her bed.  She jerked the door shut so she could lock it but he was too fast.  The door slammed open.  She backed into the shelf holding her tea set and it clattered to the floor.  The blow was swift.  She faded once more into the undiscovered bones under the window, her mary janes,  the only remains to identify her.


VisDare 102

The Crossing


Days of clarity had long since passed.  People had to be content with the fog and what lay hidden within the folds of the clouds.  Sometimes a subtle clearing revealed a bit more.  For now, Emil and Prin needed to cross the expanse of water and the bridge had long since collapsed.  But the clearing of the fog revealed another path.  It was risky but the cables had to be connected on the opposite end for it to hold the parabolic shape.

“We can clip to the cables like when we climb the old buildings,” Emil reassured her.  Prin rubbed her stomach protectively.

“Do you really think there is a hospital across the bay?”

“It was announced on the radio.”

Sighing, she took a deep breath.  She knew something was wrong and scavenging on this side was not meeting their needs.  Perhaps this would provide Hope a chance to live.





I was aware of her watchful stare long before I spotted her.  The changeling could mimic any live creature.  I peered suspiciously at the scorpion creeping across the porch boards.  As it disappeared between the cracks, I turned around, eyes digging into the crevices.  I could feel the laughter in the air.  Then she blinked.  Just beyond the old screen, two cat eyes watched me with amusement.  Her grace was depicted well in the feline movements as she stepped out of vent.  Stretching her legs up my legs, I watched in amazement at her slow transformation.  The black fur that enveloped her became the raven hair that would crown her ivory skin.  A vixen smile lit upon her lips.

“Welcome, Godfrey,” she greeted, winking one long lashed eye.

I lost my voice, realizing the origins of the expression “Cat got your tongue.”  She smiled slowly, leading me to the door.


VisDare89:  Aware

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Elephant Dreams


So many days wasted chasing ordinary.  No more.  Evana folded the newspaper, the ad circled that led to this new life.  At 40, did she dare change her path?  Yes.  She was finished with ordinary.  She was through with fitting in.  She wanted to chase long denied dreams. She watched the endless ocean below, composing the words in her mind.  She had left everyone behind without a word.

Dear Mom, What can I say?  I’m on a plane headed for the heart of Africa.   My new ordinary may seem anything but to you but now I’m chasing elephant dreams on the African savanna.  Think of me as you sip tea and talk about the mundane.  I will certainly think of you as I explore my new ordinary. Evana

Turning the card over in her hand, she pictured herself as the woman drinking tea with the elephant.  Soon it will be.

Elephant dreams

Written in response to VisDare88.

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The Beast’s Final Test


Beauty finally accepted Beast’s proposal.   The nuptials followed quickly for time was short.  As the ring sealed the deal, Beast’s eyes widened in horror.  The spell did not encapsulate him, did not free him from his prison.  Rather, it wrapped around the lovely woman who deigned to accept his hand.  Then he saw that the witch’s revenge was complete.  It began in her hands, the joints becoming twisted, brown spots covering the fair skin.  The spell quickly moved up her arms and down her legs, making her body bent and twisted.  Eyes dimmed by cataracts met his.  Parting thinned lips, a craggy voice asked, “Beast, do you still find me beautiful?”  He turned away, refusing to meet her eyes.  “How can I love a hag?”  The final test sealed his fate as the forest tightened its hold upon the mansion.  He would be sealed for eternity with his Beauty.

This was written in response to:

VisDar 87


Just a Spark


“Now…a small spark of genius.”

Clarity, who had been assisting through this procedure, paused in surprise.  “Are you sure?  I’ve seen that spark turned towards evil.”

“Don’t worry, Clarity.  Wisdom knows who needs the spark.”  Logos followed Clarity to the shelf where the most precious spark was contained.  The jar danced in its own brilliance.  Carefully lifting the spark from the shelf, they returned to the counter where Wisdom carefully stirred the Essence.  Wisdom opened the lid and measured out the spark precisely.  Too much and the person would not fit in and too little, the spark may be snuffed out.

“What about knowledge?” Logos queried.

“This Essence will soak up knowledge as they encounter it.  The wisdom will help them discern what is useful and what to discard.  Now, I need some creativity.  Spark doesn’t work as efficiently without creativity.”

Clarity and Logos scurried off to the pantry.  Creativity liked to hide and was a bit mischievous.  Moving the containers about on the shelf, they read the labels one by one.  Several cans of inspiration were stacked in the corner.  Boxes of knowledge ready mix sat lined up.  Experience, the main ingredient for wisdom, filled jars on the lower shelf.  Then, nesting in the corner, sat the golden eggs of creativity.  Clarity and Logos each lifted one up with awe.  Returning to Wisdom, they each deposited an egg into her hand to be cracked and poured into the mixture.

With her expert hands, she wafted the scent of the Essence towards her and checked the mixture.  “It’s missing something…something special…something that will set it on fire.”

Pathos and Clarity cried in unison, “INSPIRATION!”  Turning, back to the pantry, they ran off to gather the cans.  Different flavors of inspiration sat upon the shelf and thus, they gathered one of each.  Practically skipping back to Wisdom, they excitedly showed her the harvest of choices.

“Hmmm…what shall we use for inspiration?  Music?  Paint?  The pen?”

“What about all three?  Would that be too much?”

“Well, the pen does work well with either music or paint.  Oh!  Allspiration!”  She opened the can carefully and poured the contents into the Essence.  “Take in the scent of this new Essence, Pathos, Clarity!”  Wisdom waved the steam into the direction of her assistants.

“Oh, that is delightful!”

“Who is going to get it?”

Wisdom considered her options.  “I need just the right parents who will not break the essence down with too much rigidity.  Those parents need access to an education that will not destroy the creativity.”

Logos considered this for a moment, “I’ve noticed that the countries where they test the young ones all of the time do not have time to nurture creativity.  Perhaps in a less developed country.”

“I agree,” responded Wisdom.  “Clarity, will you do the honors?”  Clarity looked through the options and selected an obscure country in the developing world.  Watching through the children being born, she saw a pair of parents with warm energy and vibrant personalities.  Reaching down, she poured the Essence into the newborn.  The little cherub smiled as she breathed in the Essence.   She couldn’t put it into words yet, but she knew she would change the world.


This was written in response to VisDare86.



It had been so long since I had been home.  I had escaped the protected world so long ago but now I found myself back, facing my past.  Walking among the ruins and remains of the remote existence, I remember Papa making sure we knew how to survive.  We survived Y2K without a problem, although he stood guard.  We survived the twin towers, falling so far away.  Then, things began to slowly slip away.  One freedom after another was stripped from us.  That’s when we moved to the wilderness.  Many others joined us, living off the land, staying off the grid.  We were taught that life would no longer be the same.  We hid.

One day, I walked away from the remote trailer and slipped into society.  I was lost at first, unaware of the modern technology…but I adapted.  I learned.  Then I realized.  Papa was right.


This flash fiction is in response to the VisDare50.